Lofoten is spectacular! The jagged, green mountains, the white sand beaches, the big sea and the fisheries are fascinating and stunning. Lofoten is coastal culture and nature in world class. internationally renown. For many visitors, Lofoten becomes an obsession.

 Along “The Lofoten Wall” we experience the islands, fishing villages and mountains like a string of perals. 

The mild atlantic climate gives Lofoten life all year. A few busy summer weeks are high season for tourist from around the world, autumn and spring gives us space to breathe, while the winter is the time of the thousand cod.

At land or at sea you will experience mountains reaching up to 1000 meters, dircetly from the sea. Everywhere it`s a vibrant bird life, with eagles, cormorants, screaming sea gulls and puffins hunting for food. 

Our boats will get you closer to the elements!

Remember: Lofoten from the sea side guarantees memories for life!


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