Boats & Safety

Lofoten Explorer has a total of 4 boats in their fleet. 2 x Rib Unlimited 36 that got 2 Yanmar 315 hk inboards. 1 x Rib Unlimited 36 that got 2 Mercury 335 hk inboards. And at last 1 x Rib Unlimited 32 that got 2 Mercury 300 hk outboards. The boats are extremely seaworthy and used within military, offshore and rescue.

Instructions for passengers before departure

  • This activity requires that you feel physically well
  • Check floatation suit, tighten cuffs and belt
  • Fasten life vest correctly. Adjust if necessary
  • Keep the main weight on your legs. Never sit heavily
  • If you stand up, keep a bend in your knees.
  • Hold on tight.
  • Don`t switch seats or move around the boat while it`s moving.
  • Let us know/give a sign if you get scared, tired or uncomfortable. Raise your left arm.
  • If someone falls over board, immediately alert the skipper. Try not to lose sight of the person.
  • Keep your head up. Don`t bend down in the boat or towards your fellow passengers.
  • Pay attantion to the sea and the conditions around you. Always expect sudden and fast movements in a RIB.
  • Pregnant from month 3, persons with back, knee, neck or other physical issues, must always notify the skipper before departure. The skipper may reject persons with these conditions, or he will assign a special seat in the boat.
  • Visible intoxicated persons will be rejected.
  • In case of an emergency, follow the instructions from the skipper.

All passengers are responsible for damage on/loss of their own camera, cell phones, glasses or other valuables. All passengers are insured for accident/personal injury through the insurance company Norwegian Broker.

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